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1"""Utilities for calling command-line tools as Python functions.""" 

2import contextlib 


4__all__ = ('handling_system_exit',) 




8def handling_system_exit(): 

9 """Catch any :obj:`SystemExit` and re-raise it as :obj:`RuntimeError`. 


11 Some Celery tasks in this package call main functions of command-line tools 

12 from other packages. Those main functions may try to exit the Python 

13 interpreter (if, for example, the command-line arguments are not 

14 understood). 


16 Catch any :obj:`SystemExit` exception. If the exit code is zero (signifying 

17 a normal exit status), then ignore the exception. If the exit code is 

18 nonzero (signifying an error exit status), then re-raise it as a 

19 :obj:`RuntimeError` so that the error is reported but the Celery worker is 

20 not killed. 

21 """ 

22 try: 

23 yield 

24 except SystemExit as e: 

25 if e.code != 0: 

26 raise RuntimeError( 

27 'Command-line tool tried to exit with nonzero status') from e